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City assembly


City Assembly

The Assembly is the highest body of the City that performs basic functions of local government, established by the Constitution, Law and City Charter. City Assembly consists of representatives who are elected in direct elections, by secret ballot, in accordance with the law and City Charter. Councillors are elected for 4 years, in accordance with the Constitution, Law and Statute. The Assembly has 47 councilors.

PARLIAMENTARY GROUPSEuropean Novi Pazar - RasimLjajićParty of Democratic Actionof Sandzak - dr. SulejmanUgljaninMuamer Zukorlić – BosniakDemocratic Communityof SandzakAleksandar Vučić – SrbijawinsSandzak Poples Party –dr. Mirsad Đerlek38.3%6.4%10.6%21.3%23.4%
OdborniciOdborničke grupe
Evropski Novi Pazar - Rasim Ljajić 18
Stranka demokratske akcije Sandžaka - dr. Sulejman Ugljanin 11
Muamer Zukorlić – Bošnjačka Demokratska Zajednica Sandžaka 10
Aleksandar Vučić – Srbija Pobeđuje 5
Sandžačka Narodna Partija – dr. Mirsad Đerlek 3

Graphic representation of the share of councilor groups in the City Assembly

Councilor can not be a person employed at the City Administration or the person appointed, or assigned by the City Assembly of the City authorities, enterprises and institutions founded.

Councillor can not be held criminally liable, detained or punished for an opinion or a vote cast at a session of the Assembly and working bodies.


• Participate in the work of the Assembly and its working bodies
• Propose the City Assembly debate on certain issues
• Submit draft decisions and other documents under jurisdiction of the City
• Provide amendments to the draft regulations
• Ask questions related to the work of the City
• Participate the other activities of the Assembly of the City

Councillor of the City has the right to address the Assembly on any language that is in official use in the territory of the City.

The Assembly is considered to be constituted by selection of the SPEAKER of the City Assembly and appointing of the Secretary of the City.


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