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The Mayor of Novi Pazar



nihad bisevac

Nihat Biševac

The Mayor of Novi Pazar

Area of responsibility

The mayor: 

  1. presents and represents the City;
  2. suggests a way of solving the issues to be decided by the Assembly of the city;
  3. orders the execution of the budget;
  4. gives consent to the acts governing the number and structure of employees in the institutions financed from the budget of the City and to the number and structure of employees and other persons who are engaged in the implementation of programs or part of programs of the City budget;
  5. based on the decision of the City Assembly concludes contracts on granting the use or lease of land, office and residential space in accordance with the law;
  6. directs and coordinates the work of City Administration;
  7. issues individual acts for which he is authorized by the law, this Statute or by the decision of the City Assembly;
  8. informs the public about his work;
  9. files an appeal with the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Serbia if an individual act or action of state authority or the City body disables the exercise of jurisdiction of the City;
  10. educates professional advisory bodies to specific tasks within its jurisdiction;
  11. makes regulations under the jurisdiction of the City, in the event of war or natural disasters, provided that he submits them to the Assembly as soon as it is able to meet;
  12. concludes a contract on the donation from physical or legal entity;
  13. performs other duties determined by this Statute and other acts of the City.

The mayor is responsible for timely submission of data, files and documents, when required by the competent authority of the Republic, which supervises the operation and acts of the executive authority of the City and the City Administration.


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