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Novi Pazar - The City of opportunities

Why invest in Novi Pazar?

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  • The favorable geographical position
  • Industrial center of the region 
  • Proximity of the markets of Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • The release from local utility taxes
  • Skilled workforce
  • Long tradition in light industry
  • University Center
  • Industrial Park
  • By the decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, it was decided that the highway Belgrade - South Adriatic passes through the territory of Novi Pazar
  • Export-oriented economy
  • The potential for Brownfield and Greenfield investments
  • Support of Regional Development Agency Sandzak - SEDA to potential investors
  • State subsidies to start a business and invest in Novi Pazar



Production of:

  • finished products (apparel, footwear, furniture and food)
  • semi-finished products
  • products made from recycled materials (waste textile, leather, wood) for the famous trademark (loan jobs - production under the "foreign name")

Partnership for:

  • Creation of  plans and strategies for utilization of renewable sources (wind farms, biomass, solar and hydroelectric power plants etc.)
  • The development of agriculture and organic food
  • Utilities (disinfection, fumigation and pest control)
  • Development of infrastructure and capital projects
  • Economic development and employment

Industrial Park:

area of 45 hectares, located in the wider city zone along the highway Belgrade-Podgorica, has all the necessary infrastructure; offers a variety of opportunities for cooperation:

  • joint ventures
  • individual investment
  • lease space
  • 39 individual lots
  • Greenfield and Brownfield

The joint appearance on foreign markets:

  • Agreement on free trade with Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Belarus
  • CEFTA members, free trade with the countries of Central Europe
  • Free trade with the United States for certain types of products
  • High-quality, young, skilled and cheap labor
  • Labor force with high qualifications and an average age of 26 years
Industrial Park

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